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Friday 21st July 2006: Latest

Chilly July weather!

Welcome to - Kevin Cherry and Alan Davidson, who have both enter the NZR modelling scene, and have been invited as part of the BoP Trackgang.

Shows - Taupo - Great to catchup with a number of modellers over this weekend. A bit of vacant space due to a number of exhibitors pulling out at the last minute unfortunately. A good day had looking around with a few dipping into their pockets, especially at Ken Cousins stand.

  • Tirau 29/30 July - In the mainstreet hall, I would presume.

Whats been happening
  • Kevin E has been finishing his work bench area so he will have a setup to start modeling once again, after this years relocation.
  • Brett has been seen burning the midnight oil in his shed. Progress must be coming along with his Rotorua to Mamaku layout.
  • Pete has been finishing his work area, and we look forward to the 9mill modules getting under way.
  • Brian is presently building 2 modules comprising the Raurimu station yard based in the early 60's.
  • Vern has finished polishing his trophy and when hes not shovelling snow off his driveway is working on a very detailed NZ Finescale W(b or d?).
  • Kevin C. has aquired an NZR layout with loco's and rolling stock. The layout is sceniced with buildings etc. DCC(?)
  • Alan is entering the foray by building a couple of modules. He has puchased a number of NZR loco's and rolling stock recently. Going DCC.
  • Myself. Still working away constructing a JG Model Ab 761 for Fell Museum (when I'm not at work!). Have purchased my DCC from Brian F this week.

Its great to see that modellers are actively planning there progress on what they want to do and achieve. If you have any news or progress reports lets hear about them. I find my motivation comes from hearing about the progress you guys are making.

Keep warm and happy modelling.


21 Jul 2006, Russell Jones