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Monday 09th July 2007: July 2007 Show(s)

July 2007


Did you get to Taupo, for their hobby show? What did you think? For me it was more space, more of the same displays, less of any new interesting stuff. My highlight - the R/C stock cars, otherwise the closest thing to true NZR was the kits on Kevin's stand and several modelers of the NZR persuasion including Trevor Cheer. It was a nice day for a 2 hour drive down, and 2 hours back.
Cambridge show was an N gauge/ European modeler show. Again the only NZR was at the builders table, and Graeme Buckleyselling ALL his 3/16, that was viewable in 4 big boxes, sitting on the floor. (If anyone wants to get anything off Graeme he can be contacted on 021 396046 to make arrangements).
Its no wonder that NZR modeling is so unknown and hidden, and people don't know what's available. And the manufacturers aren't in the publics face pushing their products, either!
I'll now change soap boxes.
Alan Davidson and myself have acquired some temporary space to assemble modules and work on them in preparation for the Rotorua show. This next week will involve getting the modules shifted for home sheds to new space for evaluation and assembly. If you wish to assist at any time please contact us and we'll let you know how to find us. At this stage we will most likely be there on Fridays or Saturdays (or both days).
This space is temporary, but could make a nice meeting place or (dare I say it) clubroom, for NZR modelers. Having a kitchenette and toilet, office space on a mezzanine floor, and 8 meters x 9 meters main floor with large (as in truck size) roller door it holds potential, and is easily accessed from areas of the BoP without heading into the city.
Hoping you have all been able to dabble in a little modeling this last month.

Russell Jones
09 Jul 2007, Russell Jones